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We Currently serve the Edmonton and Calgary areas by providing far superior service at a more cost-effective price than our current competitors. This begins with our customer service, when you contact Golden League for your traffic control needs you will deal directly with the staff who will be on site. This provides a more in depth understanding of the demanded task at hand.

We have the knowledge and expertise to handle any situation, no matter the circumstances. We guarantee to provide superior safety, visibility, professionalism on any worksite we take on.

We are certified and have in-house software that allows us to create our very own professional 

Traffic Accommodation Strategies (TAS) or Traffic Accommodation Plans (TAP)

 Our current available equipment:                                              

  • IRS Systems

  • Full Matrix Message Boards

  • Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards

  • Truck Mounted Arrow Boards

  • Barricades

  • Diamond Grade Signage

Traffic management services:


  • Flagging Crews

  • Set Up & Tear Down

  • Site Monitoring

  • TAS/TAP Creation & Implementation

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