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Certifications & Experience

We strive to excel in our fast growing and innovative industry by providing leadership, honest service and hard work. We work on the go, out of town for long duration and do not mind getting dirty! We understand that the oil & gas industry is a fast paced, complicated, regulated, extremely competitive industry. We guarantee that our service maintains and excels to achieve our high quality service standards.


Providing specialized solutions to the oil & gas, wind energy and mining industries requires specialized certifications. All of our employee's are required to have the following certifications.

  • H2S Alive Enform

  • Bear Awareness Enform

  • EGSO Enform

  • Confined Space


  • St. John's Level C First aid CPR+AED

  • WHMIS 2015

  • TDG

  • Fall Arrest

  • Supervisor & Employee health and safety training

  • Traffic Control ATTC ACSA

  • Flagger Training ACSA

  • BCCSA BC Traffic Control Training

  • Search and rescue training

  • ICS 100

  • ICS 200

  • CSO Energy Canada

  • Utah Pilot Truck Operator Certification

  • New York State Pilot Truck Operator Certification

  • Washington State Pilot Truck Operator Certification PEVO

  • WITPAC Certification



Our very own president and founder Eric has been a key player in the industry since 2013. From dispatching a fleet, to being a leading provider in the pilot truck industry, operating trailers and working on some of the most complex projects.  Over the years he has acquired the necessary experience to be a valuable partner on the ground to ensure every project has the end result you expect!

Billing & Pricing

Payments Accepted

We accept the following methods: Direct Deposit, Certified Cheque, E-transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American express.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We never stop until our customer is completely satisfied, we will do what it takes to achieve this guaranteed.

Payment Terms

We accept a maximum of 30 day terms, we offer compensation and discount for terms of less than 30 days.

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