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About us

Committed To Safety, Quality, Consistence, Exceptional Service.

When we founded Golden League we had our goals and priorities set, with an industry that has such vast competition without training and actual experience we knew early on that it was going to be a challenge. We had to come up with a plan on how to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We then started by finding the perfect candidates to add to our team. We needed an excellent coordinator that had also extensive field experience and who understood the complex situations on the ground and the chaos involved on the management level. Once we found our perfect fit we then moved on to looking for someone who had been around our industry for a minimum of 40 years, this proved to be quite a challenge considering that our main industry is very specialized but in the end we were able to find that special person. We then moved onto finding experienced employee's and operators, we only considered applicants with 5 years minimum experience. It was a long process that ensured all of our employee's we're ready for any situation that was brought on by our clients. We are now happy to say we have been able to build a team that will deliver on every single aspect of our clients demands, we are now ready to deliver exceptional service. Welcome to the Golden League.

5+ Million

Kilometers Driven

60+ years

Combined Industry Experience

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